B.Well WI-911 Portable oral shower

  • Brand: B.Well Swiss
  • Cat No: PRO-911

The modern compact oral shower WI-911 is a professional medical device for maintaining teeth and gums at home.

It effectively cleans the interdental space of food debris and removes soft dental plaque, which leads to the spread of bacteria. WI-911 is an excellent tool for the prevention of caries and periodontal disease. B.Well is an indispensable tool for daily hygiene, especially for patients with bridges, implants, crowns or braces.

Despite its compact size, the WI-911 portable irrigator is as powerful as the best stationary models. The product is easy to work with and is convenient to use at home or on the road. It is compact and does not take up much space in the bathroom or travel bag.

With the B.Well portable irrigator you do not need an additional electrical outlet or batteries - it runs on a modern lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery with enough charge for a month of use. The wireless design is safe and convenient.

The product has 3 modes of operation for healthy teeth and gums. 2 interchangeable nozzles with different colors are included, and they can be easily changed with the help of a special button.

Advantages of the product: intelligent design, easy control with two buttons, easy filling with water. B.Well WI-911 is the best oral shower for the whole family.

- Optimal powerOptimal power 620 kPa for effective hygiene. The quality of the oral shower WI-911 corresponds to the best stationary models.
- 3 modes of operation3 modes for convenient use
- Normal - effective hygiene
- Gentle - for sensitive teeth
- Impulse - therapeutic gum massage
- Wireless Equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery - lasts up to a month on a single charge
AC adapter included Can be charged anywhere
- Uniform water flow Frequency of water pulsation: 1600 pulses / minute
- 360 ° rotation of the nozzle For efficient and convenient use
- Convenient for two users Includes 2 nozzles with different colored rings
- CompactCompact and lightweight, takes up almost no space in the bathroom and easily fits in the bag
- Auto power offAutomatic power off after 2 minutes - the product will not drain the battery if it is accidentally turned on
- Easy topping up with water
- Low noise level

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B.Well WI-911 Portable oral shower
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