Wrist bandage / with additional fixation / 8512

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  • Brand: MedTextile
  • Cat No: 8512
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Wrist bandage / with additional fixation / 8512 

Universal size S / L

Wrist bandage for inflammatory and degenerative diseases, after the removal of plaster, for sports and exercise. Size S / L universal size - wrist circumference, 14-23 cm (± 1.0 cm).

The bandage provides fixation and compression of the wrist joint. With elastic band for extra stabilization and security. It is made of light, breathable fabric that provides comfort even with prolonged use. The product is suitable for both right and left hand. The bandage is recommended for mild to moderate soft tissue trauma to the wrist. Suitable for chronic inflammation of the flexor and extensor tendons. During rehabilitation after plaster removal. As with sports and exercise. Beige color of the product.

How to use:
Fix the bandage to the appropriate place on the wrist, tighten and leave. Adjust immediately if necessary.

Special instructions:
Store in a dry place at a temperature of + 5ºС to + 40ºС. Protect from direct sunlight. Use the product only for its intended purpose. It is not recommended to wear the product for 30 minutes after using oils to rub on the body.


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